CLUB BLACK #01 :: Honda CB 750 K

Standard engine. WM custom paint. Standard Carbs. Standard frame, WM rear frame and seat. Standard tank. 16" aluminum wheels, Coker classic tyres. Bitubo rearshocks. Kawasaki Z 1000 J swingarm. H-D front fork and tripple trees. Lockheed calipers. WM footpegs, handlebar and clamps. WM headlight bracket. WM rearlight. WM rear fender. WM custom paint.

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Vintage Harley, Moto Guzzi Le Mans, Vincati

The 1915 Harley was the first model with a three-speed transmission and the bicycle-style pedal start. This is a magneto model, meaning no lights. (In 1915 they were an option, with electric or acetylene gas.) No front brakes or oil pump, either: It uses a constant oil dripper to keep the sump well lubricated. At sustained speeds above 45 mph or when there’s greater strain on the engine, You need to hand-pump extra oil. . . Moto Guzzi Le Mans…

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